Fitness & activewear

From essentials that pair with anything, to more styled pieces. You can incorporate full range movement in any of these pieces and opt for all kinds of colors.

Subtle details and a monochromatic look are always a win. Great if you're a jumper!

Mini dress with shorts. We love this bold color and will ALWAYS take a built in shorts.

New fav fitness option! The color selection is GREAT- pick a fun color if you opt for this one! This one-piece will show off your lines so well.

A great basics to have in your closet but also something that will pair well almost any bottom. We love the seam details in this one.

dresses <3

Add some movement to your photos with a dress! Always remember to pack briefs of all colors for underneath though.

She's a vibe! This cutie is great for a senior session or any portrait photographs. If you're dancing in this one, make sure to throw on nude briefs.

Show me a more Fluid Frames styled dress. I'll wait. You can't go wrong with any of their color options either.

This outfit, as styled, is perfection. The green is a great option and you can rock either portraits or dance shots.

All the little details in this one are beautiful. The fitted bodice shows your shape while giving room for movement.


I have a secret obsession with rompers. These are some of my favorites! If you opt for a loose fitting one, still bring matching briefs just in case.

A classic option! This is a flattering neckline for dancers. The green is our fav!

For a little splurge, this is fun option! The fabric is great for movement and on camera.

Obsessed! This is a perfect option for a little texture & shape and it can be styled for portraits or dance photos.

Imagine the drama of the movement with this one! This option is great for the "movers" who are open to improv on their shoot.